The doors are open…

By Ben @ Kebele (and singer of Spanner –

Can’t shake the feeling we’ve been here before
If I could just get closer to the door
Does anyone else feel the need to scream
Now we’ve spent two hours on the colour scheme
So, twelve more items we’ve got to discuss
Well if this is anarchy, what’s the fuss?
Trapped in meetings with no end
Talking round in circles, going round the bend

But stay calm! Reality check! What the fuck did you expect?
There’s no short cuts and time flies, learning to self organise
With no leaders we have equal say, we’re trying a different way

My time disappears clearing other people’s mess
I’d get a “proper job” if I needed this stress
If we really wanna see the collapse of the state
We’re gonna have to learn to wash our own plate
Of doing battle with the chaos I’ve had my quota
And there has to be life beyond the rota
And why if we’re so many and they are few
Are our sub-collectives made up of two?

But here’s kids coming through the door
They say they’ve never been in before
They’ve heard about the place and like the idea
Right up for it, they wanna volunteer
So much to do but our time we’ll give
Working together in collectives

Sometimes it seems we can never agree
And it doesn’t look good for our autonomy
All the hours we have spent in stupid, pointless arguments
Oh no, here we go, it’s kicking off again
This bickering’s driving me insane
Egos clash and ideas collide
It’s easy to forget we’re on the same side

But there’s friends for life who’ll meet up here
And many more who’ll lose their fear
No more living in isolation
Building trust and cooperation
An open space to communicate
No limits to what we can create

Our city’s dominated by corporate shit
Everywhere they’re getting away with it
Every last corner privatised
Dragging us down with high rise
More supermarkets and luxury flats
To line the pockets of the fat cats
And we’re priced out and pushed aside
Then they whinge about why has the community died

But this place is for everyone
We’ve seen what can be done
With nothing but our energy
Ideas and strength of community
Giving for free as much as we can
This is where make our stand


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